Get Along

We are excited to announce that our debut single, “Get Along” is out now on all streaming services. Produced by Dylan Frankland and mastered by Connor Salmoral, the song is a first glimpse of what is to come on their winter 2018/2019 seven-song debut EP.

Read what people are saying about “Get Along”:

"This is their debut single. With crunchy and catchy guitar riffs, groovy rhythms, and delectable harmonies that would even make The Yukon Blonde gents enviously admire from a distance, “Get Along” is one infectious tune. It’s that special tune that gets you wiggling in your seat, shaking your hips if you’re standing, and firing the occasional air guitar windmill." - The Matinee

"The shattering drums and bursting strings unleashes pure, euphonious chaos that feel therapeutic." - Aupium

"After a big volume guitar intro kicked you in the face this mad for it band develops a stormy roll fueled with uproarious riffs, a pumping  rhythm force and a killer chorus that you’ll definitely  scream along at the top of your lungs after a couple of spins." - Turn Up the Volume

Duncan Briggs