Fade awaays @ kee to bala

w/ The Beaches

photos by Matt Jumper


Accolades for “As they do”

“Toronto-based rock band Fade Awaays have released a new single titled “As They Do.”

The dynamic new track comes with pounding drums, a gritty guitar line, and wailing vocals that are sure to resonate with you. From the classic rock instrumentals to the unique lyricism, this track really packs a punch.” - Indie88

“With echos of Oasis and The Jam, Fade Awaays demonstrate the great potential of their accomplished songwriting, arrangement, and production. A band with the building blocks for a bigger stage and a much wider audience. One to watch.”


"Local quartet Fade Awaays looked and sounded very much like the indie alternative bands of the mid-90s, wearing buttoned up dress shirts and bashing out songs about life, love, and everything in between. They’re like a more surf-oriented Weezer, or a more aggressive version of Pavement. Songs like “Voodoo Girl” and “Get Along” echo hints of modern influences like Cage the Elephant and Arctic Monkeys as well."

- 102.1 The Edge

(Wolf Alice @ Danforth Music Hall)

“I’ve been obsessed with these guys since the first time I listened to “Get Along” but I still have yet to see them live. Almost made it once, didn’t, started planning ahead to see them open for The Beaches at The Kee this summer… but now I’ve got another opportunity. I’ve been listening to “She Don’t Know Why” on a loop since their album came out in January and I highly suggest you do the same.”

- Pagebackstage Blog


"This is their debut single. With crunchy and catchy guitar riffs, groovy rhythms, and delectable harmonies that would even make The Yukon Blonde gents enviously admire from a distance, “Get Along” is one infectious tune. It’s that special tune that gets you wiggling in your seat, shaking your hips if you’re standing, and firing the occasional air guitar windmill."

 - The Matinee

"The shattering drums and bursting strings unleashes pure, euphonious chaos that feel therapeutic."


"After a big volume guitar intro kicked you in the face this mad for it band develops a stormy roll fueled with uproarious riffs, a pumping  rhythm force and a killer chorus that you’ll definitely  scream along at the top of your lungs after a couple of spins." 

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